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Frequently Asked Questions


get answers for your most common asked questions

Public transfer:
You can get the bus to Paradise beach from the Fabrika area in Mykonos town or get a taxi from the taxi square in Mykonos town.

Private transfer:
Is available upon request

Free Parking:
You can also arrive by private car and park in one of our car parks available (valet service available upon arrival).

Cavo Paradiso is a wheelchair access friendly venue.
Please notify the security team at the entrance to accommodate your needs

Accessing Cavo Paradiso's wifi is free for all customers upon registration.

Bachelor, bachelorette and birthday parties are more than welcome. Come and celebrate your special day in style.

There is no dress code but visitors should avoid beachwear (swimshorts/ swinsuits) and flip flops.

  • Balance between looking chic and being comfortable.
  • WOMEN: Bodycon skirts, jeans, and cute top or jumpsuit, night dresses – there are no rules when it comes to dressing appropriately.
    However, do not come dressed in swimsuits /swim wear and with flip flops. Stick to evening wear that is worth showing off.
  • MEN: Stylish or not, semi-formal outfit is fine!. Long or shorter trousers, shirts and t-shirts. Please, do not come dressed in swimsuits /swim wear and with flip flops.

You can use your own smartphone to take pictures and record videos.

We operate a no tolerance policy to people who use images from the club for professional use without our approval.

Any enquiries and letters of accreditation regarding professional recordings should be emailed to: at least 5 days before the date you wish to visit the club.

Furthermore, the use of professional DSLR cameras is strictly prohibited and customers will be asked to leave such equipment to our boutique shop just after the entrance.

We open at 23:00 am and close early in the morning.

Please email

Please note that in order to confirm a table reservation, you will be asked to fully prepay by bank transfer and e-mail the bank receipt to the table reservations operator at least ten (10) days before the date on which you wish to visit the club.

Cancellations cannot be accepted after confirmation . However you can get refunded or alter your reservation if the DJ cancels his show.

Please call on +30 6948 504989 for last moment table requests (less than 10 days prior to your arrival) (between 15:00-20:00 and 23:00-02:00 AM)

We provide live international and local DJ shows from many different genres of Electronic Dance Music such as House, Deep House, Techno, Trance, EDM, Electro, Reggaeton and more...

We do not accept demos for the club.

For discounted rates you can either book online at after clicking on upcoming events or use Cavo Paradiso's mobile apps (available on Google Play and Apple App Store).

Discounted prices are also available at Cavo Paradiso Boutiques in town or given by our promotional team at the beaches and in Mykonos town!!

Get your fliers from:

  • Cavo Paradiso boutique 1 in Lakka area, in Mykonos town T: +30 22890 27075.
  • Cavo Paradiso boutique 2 in Barkia area, in Mykonos town T: +30 22890 78870
  • Cavo Paradiso boutique in-the-club from 23:30 till 07:00
  • Blu blu Cafe at Old Port in Mykonos Town
note: you can always run into our promotional team that hands out our fliers, in town and on the beaches.

We hold no responsibility for lost items although you can always check if we have found anything by calling our lost and found department assistant on +30 6948504986 after 15:00hr.

In such a case it is the customer's responsibility to collect the retrieved item from the club.

Any interaction with the djs of such nature is strictly prohibited. Please respect the dj booth and see it as you see your workplace.

Do not climb onto the railings separating the dj booth with the vip area and always be careful with your drinks.

Finally, buying 3 bottles of champagne is not a ticket of entrance into the dj booth.

Please note champagne showers are NOT allowed no matter what the celebration is. If you don't abide by this rule you will be asked to leave the premises at once.

Customers are NOT allowed to use laser beams in the club.

Cavo Paradiso Passbook Tickets FAQ

Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket (or eTicket) is a digital Event Ticket that you can book over the Internet from your Web Browser or Smartphone. With Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket you enter a entry list and ensure your entrance in the Club.

Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket is tagged with your booking information for a particular event, at a particular date and for a particular number of named visitors (your group).

Passbook Events Tickets were introduced by Apple during the release of iOS6 as a standard feature of iPhone Smartphones. Currently all major vendors such as Android and Microsoft Phones are using this standard digital ticket format, either natively or by installing a Passbook app.

You will only need your Smartphone device and your identity card or passport! When you reach the Club locate our friendly and professional team at the entrance and ask them to scan your phone.

For group reservations, you are requested to check-in all together, to avoid conflicts and delays.

It is compulsory that you carry your identity card or passport with you. The entrance assistants will not allow you to enter the club, until you show them your identity card or passport.

Don't worry! You will need to carry with you your identification card or passport, and we will locate your name in the list. It is not as fast as scanning your Smartphone, but you will still enter the club.

Especially for group reservations, you are requested to check-in all together, to avoid conflicts and delays.

It is compulsory that you carry your identity card or passport with you. The entrance assistants will not allow you to enter the club, until you show them your identity card or passport.

You can buy only one (1) Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket per event (up to 10 people per ticket) and you can buy Cavo Paradiso Passbook Tickets for any number of events.

Please contact your bank by phone and describe the situation.

For overseas customers buying tickets from Greece, it is possible that your bank might reject the ticket purchase for security reasons if it does not fit your customer profile (if you have not bought tickets in the past or if you have not used your Credit Card for Internet purchases in the past).

Issues like that can be resolved solely by your bank, so we would advise you to contact your bank and describe the situation.

Unfortunately, Cavo Paradiso cannot help you with this or similar problems.

No, Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket can be used independently from Cavo Paradiso mobile app.

However, if you do not have an iPhone with iOS6 or later you will probably need an appropriate Passbook-compatible app installed on your Smartphone.

Anyone with a Smartphone can use Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket, as long as the appropriate Passbook compatible app is installed on their Smartphone.

Please note that Cavo Paradiso Passbook Tickets are tagged with your name and we will cross-check with your identification card or passport at the entrance.

Passbook is a standard digital ticket format. Some Smartphone vendors like Apple offer a built-in app for managing Passbook Tickets. For other vendors such as Android and Windows Phones there are apps you can download and install (e.g. PassWallet).

Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket is compatible with all Passbook apps and Smartphone vendors.

Yes you can. Passbook is not mandatory; is just a tool to help you organize your tickets and by-pass the need to carry any papers with you. Since every legal transaction is added to our Fast Track list you can check-in with your full name and your ID or passport.

No, you cannot cancel, transfer or resale a ticket once it is purchased.
No exchange of tickets will be made under any circumstances and tickets are not transferable.
No refund on tickets will be made under any circumstances.
The resale of tickets is prohibited and Cavo Paradiso reserves the right to cancel any tickets that have been resold.

No refund on tickets will be made under any circumstances, unless an event is cancelled. In such an occasion, refunds can only be made digitally, after a written request has been made within 3 days after the cancellation of the show.

You cannot get a refund at the club, even for last minute cancellations, or at any of the Cavo Paradiso boutique stores.

In order to get your refund, please, forward your received ticket email to to get your refund (it is important to send your email from the mail account that you used when purchasing your ticket and at least include the Reservation Ref No that can be found on the received ticket).

When you successfully complete the ticket purchase in this form, you will receive an email with Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket as an attachment.

You must open this email on your Smartphone device and locate the attachment which is displayed as Passbook symbol at the bottom of the email message.

Click on the Passbook symbol to automatically load the Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket in your Smartphone's Passbook app.

Once you add it to Passbook and it will be available offline!

You can delete any expired ticket pass manually. Open the Passbook app and select the ticket pass. Use the "i" symbol in the bottom right corner to turn to the back of the ticket pass. Press Delete to delete any ticket passes that are no longer required.

Open the Passbook app and select the ticket pass. Use the "i" symbol in the bottom right corner to turn to the back of the ticket pass. There you can use the slider to deactivate the display in the lock screen.

Not for now; we are working on various solutions for this.

You cannot buy more than one (1) Cavo Paradiso Passbook Ticket per event.

No, Cavo Paradiso Passbook Tickets are digitally signed using the information you provided during purchase.

Cavo Paradiso Passbook Tickets are not transferable.

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Cavo Paradiso

Paradise beach - Left side on the hill, Mykonos 84600 GR
Club hours : 23:00 - 07:00
Club's T (hrs: 23:00 - 07:00):
+30 22890 26124
Administration Office T (hrs: 09:30-14:30):
+30 22890 27205
Online Table Reservations: makeyoureservation@
Last Minute Reservations M (hrs. 15:00-20:00 and 23:00-02:00 AM ):
+30 694 8504989
Boutique I - Lakka Area T:
+30 22890 27075
Boutique II - Barkia Area T:
+30 22890 78870