Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code but  dressed in swimwear is  prohibited.

Am I allowed to take pictures and record videos at the club?

We operate a no tolerance policy to people that use images from the club for professional use and if you do so,you will be asked to leave the club immediately.Any enquiries regarding professional recordings should be emailed to: info @otenet.gr at least 5 days before the date you wish to visit the club.

What time do you open?

We open at 00.30 am and close at 8.30 am. Get more info via our promotional flyers and posters.

Can I get priority entry into the club?

Only if you reserve a table before hand.

How can I confirm a table reservation?

Please note that in order to confirm a table  reservation, you  will need to have fully prepaid  by either a credit card or a bank transfer and have faxed or e-mailed the bank receipt to the table reservations operator at least one week before the date on which you wish to visit the club.
Cancellations cannot be accepted after confirmation.

Please call on 0030 6948 504989  only for same day reservations.

What is Cavo Paradiso's music policy?

We provide shows from many different genres of Electronic Dance Music such as House,Deep House,Tech House,Progressive House,Techno,Minimal Techno,Trance,and Electro and more..

Can I send a demo for Cavo Paradiso club?

 We do not acccept demos for the club.

Can I submit a demo for cavoparadisoradio.com?

Yes you can.Please submit all demos to info@cavoparadiso.gr

What time do the headlining dj guests appear usually?

Usually between 03:00- 04:00 a.m .If there are more than one headliners , on a certain night, the first headliner starts at around  02:00 a.m.

How can I get a discount on entrance fee?

Discounted prices are always available at the club,please look out for our promotional team!!

We give away wristbands daily (for a discounted entry) and all around the island,as long as you arrive at the club before 2.15 am.

Please check the sms way of getting discounted rates at the entrance and the discounts policy  on the promotional flyers.

Where can I get flyers with the dj schedule?

Get your flyers from:

Cavo Paradiso boutique 1 in  Lakka area, in Mykonos town  from 10:00  till 14:00 and from 19:00 till midnight.
You can call the boutique on +30 22890 27075.

Cavo Paradiso boutique 2 in Barkia area, in Mykonos town from 10:00 till 14:00 and from 19:00 till after midnight
You can call the boutique on  +30 22890 78870

Cavo Paradiso boutique in- the- club from 00:30 till 08:30

╬Łote: You can always run into our promotional team that hands out our flyers, in town and on the beaches!

I have lost a personal item while I was at the club,what shall I do?

We accept no responsibility for lost items although you can always check if we have found anything by calling  our administration office on +30 22890 27205 between the hours of 11:00  - 14:00.
In such case it is your responsibility to collect this  item from the club, the following night  (00.30 am).

Please  use the cloakroom at the club.

Can I meet the dj / get into the dj booth / buy him a bottle of champagne  while he is playing?

No you can't at any count. Please respect the dj booth and see it as you see your workplace.
Do not climb onto the railings separating the dj booth with the vip area and always be careful with your drinks. Finally,buying 3 bottles of  champagne is not a ticket of entrance into the dj booth.

Got questions?
Please  check the FAQ page and make sure that your question has not been answered already before e-mailing to us.